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pra dores nos músculos do queixo, cotovelo e consciência

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My favorite Mario Mandzukic scenes [1/??]
↳ Mario didn't give much attention to the treble speech


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Funeral [Arcade Fire]



Arcade Fire, Funeral, 2004;
Canadá, Rough Trade Records;
Indie Rock.

A banda que fez o indie virar mainstream. 

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Capturing the Airplanes of St. Maarten’s Maho Beach with @samhorine

To view more photos and videos from Maho Beach, explore the Maho Beach, Sint Maarten location page.

Maho Beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean country of Sint Maarten has white sand and turquoise waters, but that’s not why visitors flock there. The beach is famous for planes that buzz sunbathers at low altitudes en route to landing at the Princess Juliana International Airport. Arriving aircraft must touch down as close as possible to the beginning of Runway 10 because of its short 2,300-meter (7,500-foot) landing strip.

New York Instagrammer Sam Horine (@samhorine) recently visited Maho Beach while on a layover. “I walked down the airport road for 10 minutes and turned a corner to find a large crowd of people swimming, sunbathing, drinking cheap Carib beers and waiting for the jets to come in,” he says. “I first watched a few smaller island hoppers come in—a plane lands or takes off every 20 minutes or so. Then, a 757 pulled up for take off. People ran over to the short fence separating the beach and the runway and grabbed hold of the chain link. The jet’s engines turned on and it tore down the runway kicking up sand. Hats, sunglasses and other small items flew past me as the jet blasted down the runway for takeoff. It was truly an amazing, and sandy, experience.”

To get a great shot of the planes, Sam has a few tips:

  • I really liked the perspective of the jets coming in over the beach from the side. It gave a great perspective of how low the planes were and how many people were there.
  • If you’re shooting from the side, I found it helpful to frame the shot before the plane gets there to figure out exactly when you’ll need to start shooting.
  • You can also stand on the beach and let the planes come right over you or wade out into the water and eliminate the beach completely—at the right time of day the jets will cast their shadows down on the water.
  • Don’t underestimate shooting back at the crowd from the beach and catching the planes from behind as they come in above the crowd.
  • Shoot in burst mode if you can. It’s a matter of seconds between when the plane’s a small speck in the frame to when it’s roaring overhead. I missed a few planes at first because of the speed.
  • Lastly, I shot in the square crop on my phone so I could make sure I got the entire plane in the frame to post to Instagram.
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Vanguart - Meu Sol

Vídeo oficial de “Meu Sol" incluido en el tercer álbum del grupo cuyabano Vanguart, "Muito Mais Que O Amor" (Deck, 2013). Video dirigido por Ricardo Spencer.


Minha alma
Sabe que viver é se entregar
Sabendo que ninguém pode julgar
Se teve que olhar pra trás ou não

Se a vida me trouxer o que eu pedi
Te encontro e faço tudo o que quiser
Te dizendo “O Sol renasce amanhã”
A vida é tão mais vida de manhã

Quando vejo você
Saiba você é
Meu Sol

Tem entrelinhas fáceis de rimar
Me encosta o colo e fica onde quiser
E me molha como um rio que lava o chão

Só pra você
Eu tenho os olhos e meu coração
Espero o teu sorriso e as tuas mãos
Não esquece, o Sol renasce amanhã
A vida, enfim vivida de manhã

Quando tenho você
Sempre você é
Meu Sol

Meu Sol
Saiba você é
Meu Sol
Sempre você é
Meu Sol

Eu já
Me preparei demais
E declaro, agora é a hora
O amor profundo, o amor que salva
Vem depressa, não demora

Meu Sol
Saiba você é
Meu Sol
Sempre você é
Meu Sol

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Friday , 21st of March.
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. 


Friday , 21st of March.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. 

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Brasília - Distrito Federal (by Fernando Pena)


Brasília - Distrito Federal (by Fernando Pena)

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essa chuteira é bem mais bonita que muitos tênis 

essa chuteira é bem mais bonita que muitos tênis 

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